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Smith Family Farms

Jeff & Maria Smith
6651 Yellow Creek Road
Big Springs, WV 26137

What are we doing here? Why are we doing this?

Huh........ well, first off, I promise you, it's not for the money!! I once heard that if you want to have a million dollars farming, then you need to start out with two million! I know, people make a living and make money farming. They do, but they are far larger than we are. Hopefully as we grow and get established, we may some day see a little money in return, but for now, we will settle for the satisfaction that our kids are getting something out of all this.

With that said, I guess the answer to "why" we do it, is, FOR THE KIDS! Additionally, the answer to "what" we are doing, is, TEACHING THE KIDS!

The world we live in, IS NOT, a pleasant place! I think we all know that. The things that our children are taught by this world, most often, is not so good. After 21 years in my profession, I've seen what this world teaches! FAR TOO MUCH!

First and foremost, it is our responsibility to lead our children to JESUS CHRIST ! For if we don't, the world will surely lead them away from him! On a far simpler note, it is our responsibility to teach our kids the basics. Responsibility. How to set and achieve a goal. The importance of finishing a job, and doing it right. Respect for yourself and others. Pride, with limitations. Humility. Imagination. Sharing. Caring. Morals. LOVE!

I grew up in a far simpler time. In addition to that, I grew up in a time, long before my time. What does that mean? It's really not complicated. I spent most of the first 18 years of my life growing up with my grandpa. He was born in 1910, a far simpler time! After having to retire for medical reasons in the 1960's, he mainly planted, grew, and farmed. He was not much for advancing with modern things or times, and mostly lived the way he had, for most of his life. I came along in 1969, and spent many years following him around, learning ways far before my time!

Maria grew up most of the time in similar ways. Usually on a small farm, growing some food and caring for some animals. That's part of what we are teaching our children. How to do SOMETHING! Something other than "wiggling their thumbs". Yeah, I mean the dreaded ELECTRONICS, games, ect......... Yeah, electronics aren't all bad. Yeah, they need to learn, for their future is based around them. Yeah, they are good, if used in the right manner. Yeah, they can learn good skill on/with them. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know! I also know that FAR too many children's lives revolve around electronics! At most, some of them are involved in sports, which is great, but, that still isn't enough. We are seeing too many people that know how to do NOTHING! They can provide NOTHING for themselves. They can do NOTHING for themselves. I know, this isn't all the fault of electronics, I don't mean that. But, it is a large part of it. I basically grew up without electronics. Even after they came about, I didn't have them. I NEVER owned a video game! I learned to play! To have an imaginati

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