— The Openherd Team

Horse Mountain Alpacas

It's all about the fiber!

Danny and Leah Reynolds
1427 Q RoadLoma, CO 81524

The Future is Fiber

The fiber is what it’s all about!

Our goal as alpaca breeders is to create a national herd that can provide processors with high quality fiber of all grades that can be processed into  superior products to support a growing American industry. Learning as much as we can about the fleece of these beautiful animals is  absolutely essential to our success as fiber and breeding stock producers.

We know that that alpaca fiber has many wonderful qualities.  Some of these have been proven with scientific testing and some still require more testing to support what we feel to be true. Current testing shows alpaca to be:

Fire Retardant - One of the least flammable, difficult to ignite natural fibers. It has a slow spreading flame, is easy to extinguish, beads like ash and doesn’t stick to the skin.  Alpaca fiber passes FAA requirements.

Moisture Absorbant - It has a natural regain of 15% of it’s own weight in moisture without feeling wet. (It wicks moisture)

Smooth Handle - Alpaca fiber has smooth scales instead of hooks, as  in sheep’s wool.

Non-Allergenic - It lacks lanolin and having a relatively dry and smooth surface it does not harbor dust mites and other common allergens.

Versatile Weight - Alpaca can be made into products for all seasons.  When processed in a worsted method, a very fine yarn can be produced and  used for lightweight summer garments.  It is used quite often in Saudia Arabia.

Alpaca breeders and wearers feel alpaca to be strong, warmer than wool, and having good memory.  Scientific testing still needs to be done to support these beliefs.

Processors require uniformity and consistency in brightness, color,  length,  and grade(micron) to make beautiful, wearable, and durable products.  Sorting and grading our yearly harvest is essential in sending the best raw product we can to processors. Knowing what grade produces what kind of product also helps the breeder determine where to send their harvest.

Horse Mountain Alpacas  invites you to join  us in this adventure!