AlAnn Ranch Alpacas

Hardy, genetically-diverse animals to thrive in rugged northern Arizona.

Alan & Ann Lamon
PO Box 188
Ash Fork, AZ 86320
Fax: 480-603-0459


September 27 - 29, 2013; 10 am to 4 pm - Ash Fork, AZ

Come Experience the "ALPACA LIFESTYLE" With AlAnn Ranch Alpacas in Beautiful, Cool, Northern Arizona!

Visit AlAnn Ranch Alpacas in Ash Fork, Arizona and get "up-close-and-personal" with YOUR new alpaca buddy!

Just a few miles west of Flagstaff and north of Prescott, take a Ranch Tour while you learn about Alpacas -- their care and feeding, housing and healthcare, and anything else you can think to ask!

Find out about Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian dogs and llamas. Visit with Angora (mohair) goats, Muscovy ducks and Bantam and other farm chickens.

Watch spinning, Navajo weaving, and natural dyeing demonstrations. Try your hand at felting or spinning Alpaca and Mohair fiber.

Enjoy a unique on-the-Ranch local shopping experience for Alpaca and Angora products -- both hand and machine made. Including fiber, rovings and DIY kits.

Experience the thrill of touching and interacting with live alpacas in their home environment on the Ranch.
Enjoy wine tasting with our homemade wines from AlAnn Ranch and Juniperwood Winery -- Saturday, September 28, noon to 4 pm -- and enjoy a light snack while talking "Alpaca".

See how Alpacas can enhance your life. And maybe make your retirement the ultimate life experience, even in the rough mountains of Arizona.

Find your niche -- whether it will be lawn-mowing, fiber processing, hand-crafting, retail sales, organic farming or keeping these fabulous and intelligent animals as companions and pets.

Take Interstate 40 to exit 139 (Crookton Road) west of Ash Fork to the southern frontage road. Follow the Alpaca signs to AlAnn Ranch or call ahead for detailed directions ([928] 925-0139). Please RSVP if possible and we'll make sure you find us.
We look forward to meeting you soon and introducing YOU to the best lifestyle -- The Alpaca Lifestyle.

Check out this great website(AlAnn Ranch Alpacas)!

Updated September 06, 2013