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Grass Fed Beef




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Shipping & Handling

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Product Specs

  • 1 lb vac sealed packages

Product Description

Locally Raised and Processed Grass Fed Beef For Sale:
We do not use herbicides, pesticides, hormones or steroids, but produce all- natural beef. Our cattle raise their calves on pastures that have not been sprayed and are not fed grains.
-Support a local family run farm
-Sustainably Raised
-Healthier than grain fed beef, leaner and more omega-3 fatty acids
-No antibiotics, growth stimulants or hormones
-Grass Fed and Finished on pasture and locally grown hay
-Our cattle are treated with care and respect
-They are born and raised on our farm until they are ready to butcher
-Our beef is state inspected and processed in Bastrop County
-Vacuumed sealed packages for longer freezer life