Enchanted Hill

Specializing in calm & friendly alpacas with terrific fiber

Ed and Joan Kinser
10023 Fortune Ridge Road
Bent Mountain, VA 24059
Fax: 540-929-4688

Found in southwest Virginia, near Roanoke, Enchanted Hill Alpacas is located atop the magnificent rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Plateau, at an elevation of 3000 feet. Cool summers and cold winters, abundant rainfall and piles of snow provide a climate conducive to raising pasture, hay, and a fine herd of huacaya alpacas.

Joanie and Ed Kinser, owners and caregivers at Enchanted Hill, have over 50 years of animal-care experience. Joanie, a registered nurse with special interests in fiber and health maintenance, keeps track of nutrition, immunizations, and deworming. Ed, the biologist/geneticist, provides daily care and does in-depth pedigree sleuthing. At present, the details of inheritance of color patterns, especially appaloosa, are being worked out.

With Joanie's lifelong interest in fiber, it was a given that one day alpacas would be included on our farm. When we met our first alpacas, it was a classic "love at first sight", so our herd began its formation in the Year 2000 and has now reached its preferred size of 20-30 animals.

The Enchanted Hill herd has had since its inception two common denominators--"friendly" with "fantastic fiber". Our herd is as friendly a group of alpacas as you'll ever want to meet. You may scratch heads, check fiber, and go eye-to-eye with these lovable beasts. You will also find that no two adult animals in the herd are the same shade. Joanie, a hand spinner, has always preferred to work with natural colors of quality fiber.

With unique colors in mind, we have selected for a wide range of natural colors, from black to white and all shades in between, and are specializing in the appaloosas, the fiber from which produces beautiful, uniquely-colored yarns. By performing extensive pedigree searches and by contacting breeders in whose herds huacaya appalooses have "cropped up", we have been able to identify less than 20 "original" huacayas that had appaloosa genes. Presently, our herd has more of those lines than any other appaloosa breeder. We are working to improve the fiber quality and to someday have available homozygous appaloosas that can help breeders to more quickly produce this unique color pattern.

Farm Terms & Financing

We ask for a down payment of 25%, with the balance due (but with no interest) paid within six months (or preferably sooner). The payment schedule is worked out on an individual basis to fit the needs of the buyer.

Welcome to our farm!

Our herd was started in 2001 and we've always selected for alpacas with great dispositions and with fiber that is interesting as well as fun to work with. We especially love the look of the two-shades-of-fawn appaloosas. Check out our Appalucy, Bodacious, Apple, Easter Bunny, and Applique. They are truly unique!