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Alpacas at Morning Star Ranch

Alpacas-A Life Style not just a Business

Larry & Kathy Batzelle
31310 SE 268th Street
Ravensdale, WA 98051
King David son of Rincon Cloud
Jeremiah son of Rincon Cloud
Caleb Cloud-Rincon Cloud's Grandson


We are a small ranch in Ravensdale, WA which allows us daily hands on loving care for each of our animals. These beautiful animals have given us a wonderful opportunity to live a relaxed country lifestyle we never dreamed possible. Our hope is that we might be able to help make your dreams come true also.

We have strived to produce genetically outstanding alpacas and have incorporated top of the line genetics from all over the country. With this plan, and good breeding choices our herd has improved through the years which is our continuous goal. Our bloodlines include 6Peruvian Accoyo Elite, Legend of Legacy Hills, Pperuvian Caligula, Gray Legend, Pperuvian Pluro, Bolivian Black Thunder, Danko, Patagonia’s Drake Cresent Moon Rayo del Sol, Emerald Farms Rincon Cloud, Cloud 9 Comet, Snowmass Don Julio's Prestige, Peruvian Black Legend and Premier's Absolute. Although we lost Premier's Rubio in 2012 we have several of his cria and they are now producing beautifully fibered cria of their own with those same great bloodlines.

We selected quality animals in a variety of colors across the spectrum from white to black, and everything in between including varied shades of silver and rose grey. Our animals provide us yearly with exceptional fiber displaying fineness, crimp, and density allowing us to produce lovely products.

We treat our customers in the same fashion we want to be treated: With honesty, integrity, respect and support. We know to be successful in this business, as well as any other business, our reputation is primary and we are proud of ours.

Kathy is trying to find enough time to actually use this luscious fiber to make more products. She spins, knits and crochets and has recently begun some felting projects. We hope to have our own felting machine soon. If this next phase opens up for us we will then be offering the service of felting customer's fiber into fantastic sheets of material. Take a look at our "Felted Alpaca Products" page under the 'More Info' tab for products and details. The value of this process is the same as any 'clothe' and the uses are limitless. Stay posted as we get closer.

Alpaca ranching has been a rewarding life experience for us furnishing additional income and providing substantial tax benefits. If you're interested in how you can enjoy this relaxing lifestyle, earn extra income from home and take advantage of great tax options, contact us. We love talking about our alpacas long distance or personally with visitors . It’s always a pleasure to show them off. Some visit to purchase alpaca products or buy yarn. Whatever your reason may be come visit and get your hands on alpaca fiber, feel the luxury and fineness. You'll never except anything less again! Call today to arrange a time.

Farm Terms & Financing

Terms and financing are always a consideration. We try to keep our prices reasonable making it more affordable for buyers to purchase without needing terms or financing, but we will certainly discuss possibilities. Contracts and financing are created with the buyer and animal(s) in mind. We have helped to start many new ranches and our clients always become our friends. Our support is available as long as it is needed.

Welcome to Morning Star Ranch

Our ranch name is in honor of Jesus our Lord and our bright Morning Star. What we have He has given us and we have been richly blessed. We dreamed of having a ranch and were able to make that dream come true in 2004. Our herd represents some of the best genetics in the nation. We love the country lifestyle and the animals. Please get in touch with us if you would like to visit or if you are at a distance we can always communicate via email or phone calls.