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Fiber/Scientific Data

04/20/201819.9 AFD / 4.3 SD / 21.5% CV / 97.8% CF (ODFA 2000) - 91.8 follicles/sqmm
201714.7 AFD / 3.2 SD / 21.6% CV / 99.8% CF (YM) - 3 lb skirted blanket
201615.5 AFD / 3.1 SD / 19.6% CV / 99.7% CF (YM)
201516.64 AFD / 4.1 SD / 24.7% CV / 99.2% CF (YM)


Snowmass Blue Divine XX

Huacaya, Male, Unproven | Medium Rose Grey

AOA# 32812138   D.O.B. 9/17/2014 (5 yrs)

Snowmass Divine Love 
| AOA# 32123531  | Medium Fawn/Roan  |

Snowmass Blue Angel XX 
| AOA# 32734300  | Bay Black  |

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I've been pretty happy with our boys here so far, but last fall -- after learning that the Snowmass herd was acquired by my friend Lynn Edens, and managed by my friend Jody Hatch -- I decided to see if there might not be a boy over there who could take our herd to the next level. After all, Snowmass is a 2000+ head herd and the product of over two decades of extremely carefully controlled breeding for locked-in fineness, density and breed type. Surely, something over there must have the genetic prepotency for those traits -- and in one of "our" colors -- right?

Yup. It took Jody quite a bit of searching, but man did she nail it with this guy.

I'll let the numbers speak for themselves:

In 2015, he had an AFD of 16.6 / SD 4.1
In 2016, he had an AFD of 15.5 / SD 3.1
In 2017, he had an AFD of 14.7 / SD 3.2

So, every year, he got finer.

Not only that, but that 2017 blanket weighed 3 lb, skirted.

Must be pretty dense, right?

Yes. Yes, he is. A 2018 biopsy by Ian Watt confirms it: With 91.8 follicles/sqmm, Blue is the densest male Ian has tested that is darker than light fawn. According to the database, he is the 4th densest, period. (Biopsy under "Histogram.")

Is he likely to pass it on? Well, his full brother's histogram numbers are similar, so I think so. Blue's pedigree is a serious study in careful line-breeding, with 3x Hemingway, 2x Legacy, 3x Bueno and the great Maree Love twice, somewhat close-up. Despite this, his lineage is extremely genetically diverse. As a rare son of the great Snowmass Divine Love, who was recently exported and whose lineage has been carefully guarded, he is an outstanding outcross to most all of our herd -- and to most other elite lineages.

Then, of course, he wouldn't be here if he wasn't a darned handsome guy to look at. He's got the head. He's got bone, coverage, a nice, deep body and an ultra-compact, boxy stature -- and TONS of presence.

What else is cool about Blue? Well, there's the not-small matter of his coloring. He may look brown, but brown he is not -- when shorn, his roaning became especially evident. This is even more exciting to me now that I am beginning to believe that roaning is cumulative -- meaning that it becomes more pronounced with each generation. It also seems to indicate a higher than usual propensity to produce the Tuxedo Grey and Harlequin Appaloosa patterns that we are breeding for.

Blue's studbook is closed for the 2018 season. Keep an eye on our pages for his cria in 2019.

Updated 2/25/2019