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Openherd.com is an affiliated website of Openherd.com ("Openherd") and owned by Alpaca Elite LLC ("we", "our", "us"). By using the Openherd.com website ("Openherd", "this site"), you acknowledge your understanding of and accept the Privacy Policy below.

Member Privacy

We strive to protect the information displayed by our members from being misused or used for inappropriate business practices, such as spamming. However, the principal objective of this site is to expose its members the widest audience possible and as such all information displayed is deemed public information and has no privacy restrictions. Therefore, members are solely responsible for the information they decide to publish.

We do not divulge, share, or sell personal, confidential information, such as unpublished sales information, messages, billing records, etc., to any third party or business, except when required by court order.

Access to Personal Information

Members have the right to access their personal information, make changes, or remove their information at any time while their account is active and in good standing. Any access issues should be addressed promptly to Openherd Support.

Contact Information

When a member submits their contact information in their account, they agree to allow us or our parent companies to contact them via mail, email, or phone with updates, product, service, or event information, and personalized product recommendations. Members who do not wish to be contacted about these items may remove themselves from our email list by following the instructions provided in the footer of the email or by contacting Openherd Support. We reserve the right to directly contact any member regarding their account activity, membership status, and other important account administrative business.

Member Privacy Policies

We do not accept responsibility or liability for any information submitted by a visitor of this site or any site managed or hosted by us, to an individual business represented on any of these sites. You should read the individual business' privacy statements before deciding whether to provide them with your personal information.

Any privacy policies stated by individual businesses represented on this site or any site managed or hosted by us shall in no way be incorportated with, amend, or supercede this Privacy Policy.


Any member or visitor of this site who believes their privacy has been violated in regard to this Policy should contact Openherd Support promptly.

We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time without notice.

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