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Mae West

Sheep, California Red, Ewe (female)



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I asked God a while back to help me make decisions for our farm and said I want to do this with Him.
In December, I asked a lady if I could visit her California Red ranch nearby. I had met a couple at the Nevada County Fair in August and really enjoyed their appearance and their personality.
Anyway, this lady said I could visit and then said she had a ewe she wanted to show me. I actually wasn't looking for a sheep to buy (for once), but we got to chatting. I thought "Well, if I was going to consider this girl, I'd feel better knowing she if she has a large fleece. And it'd be nice if it stayed reddish."
All I said aloud was that I need to make sure she could pay for her feed. This lady said she and her brother have the longest fleece, and they're the most red of the nearly-grown lambs.
"Interesting," I thought. I asked her if she had any sheep that would otherwise be culled, because I focus on fleece and not breeding. She said that is exactly what this ewe is, due to a black dot on her face.
Obviously, I started to wonder if these might be some indicators from God (I have a busy mind, so I ask Him to make everything loud and clear).
"What would I name her?" I ventured to wonder. "May" came to mind. Strange, since we have a cat named Ellie Mae. I asked the lady if the ewe has a name. She said her name is Mae West.

Updated 4/12/2021