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Friday, March 29, 2013

Good People

Being that it is Good Friday it made me think about all the Good People we have met along the alpaca way.

We have our mentoring farms…..without their help we would have had many struggles to face along the way. We believe that through their help we have been able to accelerate our program at a faster pace than we would have done on our own. The time that was and is given to answer all the questions that we threw out there, especially our first year is so greatly appreciated.

We have met so many wonderful owners and breeders through the shows. It always amazes me how for the most part the alpaca owners are a very friendly group of people. They take the time to talk and answer questions, to give and take advice. There are those that just sit and chat awhile about the direction of the industry and where it has come from. There are so many wonderful knowledgeable people that make up the alpaca industry and most are more the willing to give you some time to answer questions or bounce off some ideas.

We have the non-alpaca owners….the ones that have come for a farm visit and left with promises of a return. You know you are doing something good when they call and WANT to come back. That is such a great feeling. It is an amazing feeling to watch someone that has never been near an alpaca. Their first reaction to the curious creatures and the first nose kisses, and the amazement when they first touch a fleece are priceless. It makes all the hard work worth it! Some come out of curiosity some come because they are interested in the raw fleece and the possibilities of an end product. Some come to see where the yarn they purchased came from…..to meet that very alpaca! Some come because they have found a passion for the alpaca but are unable to have their own. Then there are the ones that come to buy the alpaca clothing and accessories and end up leaving with so much more than a purchase after they make a trip to the pasture. No matter why you come we are grateful to have you and look forward to a return visit!

Of course we can’t forget our family and friends that has been the other end of our continuous alpaca chattering. I am sure there are many that just don’t get the whole thing but have just sit back and listened. We have many that just don’t have the connection with the animals but have always been there for us and even offer support and the occasional physical labor! I know there are those few that weren’t even sure what an alpaca was. From all of our non-stop information you now know way more than you ever thought you needed to know about an alpaca!!!

I think that we could go on and on in pointing out all the Good People we have in our lives. We are so thankful to have all these wonderful people…