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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Harvi the "magical" llama...

Harvi with her everpresent coat!

Harvi with her everpresent coat!

I'm very sad to say that we lost our "hands down" popular farm favorite animal, Padrino's Harvest Moon. Harvi was loved by everyone that ever met her. She passed away naturally today after a long struggle with weight loss and generalized weakness. At 21-1/2 years old, she was never in pain, nor sick, just simply kept losing weight no matter how much we tried to keep her going.

Harvi had an endearing habit of sneaking up on visitors from behind, knowing that I saw her, gently blowing in their ear, and seeing how high they could jump! I am quite sure she did it to hear me "howl with laughter" at their surprise to see a 385 lb. llama grinning at them with her big doe eyes. She and I were in cahoots and we never tired of that game!

Harvi was our guard llama. She guarded her food and she guarded her bed. But, she was smart enough to leave the "heavy" guarding to more aggressive alpaca females. During her lifetime, Harvi was our "loan-a-llama". She accompanied young female alpacas that we sold, to their new farms, and lived with the host farm until she "outgrew" them and returned home to Bluff Breeze Farm.

Harvi was the proud mother of several llama babies. She delivered the last Llama cria born at Bluff Breeze Farm. She saw our very first alpacas arrive and was also here for the delivery of our first and very last Suri alpaca babies! Her lifetime spanned the entire duration of the BBF Alpacas Inc. business. I guess she knew that her job was done...