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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Georgia's Troubles or Alpacas Go Downhill Fast! Day 16

It's sad day today. After finding out that she had developed aspiration pneumonia on Sunday and getting another set of antibiotics to fight that, her body just gave out, too weak to fight all the fronts at once. Our wonderful vet called early this afternoon and told me that it was time to let her go, which we did.

Our vet offered to bury her for us on the mountain, where she lives, which I find very appropriate since Georgia was a true mountain girl, bred and born.

Rest

Friday, April 19, 2013

Georgia's Troubles or Alpacas Go Downhill Fast! Day 11

Today we found out, what is wrong with Georgia. We already knew that she has an inner ear infection, but today it was confirmed through the blood test. Unfortunately, the infection also gave her EPE (Eperythrozoonosis). So now, apart from the IV's she gets to combat her dehydration and administer antibiotics, she also gets Tetracycline for the EPE.

What is EPE you ask? Well here is the answer: "An eperythrozooan is a little bacterium that affects the red blood cells. It actually read more...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Georgia's Troubles or Alpacas Go Downhill Fast! Day 1-10

Georgia before getting sick

Georgia before getting sick

I've never before written a blog. However, I feel that Georgia's story might be helpful to a lot of alpaca breeders.

A week after shearing, on April 9, while feeding the animals, I noticed that Georgia, who is usually the first at the gate when I entered the girls' pen, was hanging back. After I had put out all the beet pulp and hay, I saw her sitting in the middle of the pen. It looked like her right upper lip was swollen, her right ear kind of droopy and she was lightly bobbing read more...
Our beautiful girl!

Our beautiful girl!