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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Meet Flat Beary

Where is Flat Beary?

Where is Flat Beary?

This is a reinpaca

This is a reinpaca

Flat Beary here to tell you about the wonderful alpaca products available for sale at Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch.
Let me tell you how I got my name, “Flat Beary”
Santa had me come along on a trip to Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch. My job would be to wander

around the alpaca gift shop, looking at the luxurious alpaca gifts and fiber to see what Santa might use

in his gift giving season. I gathered up lots of ideas and left the shop to tell Santa all about my findings.

When suddenly, from nowhere, there appeared, a whole herd of reinpacas running towards me. Before

I could get out of the way, they ran over me. It seems that Santa was training them, to help pull his sleigh.

Getting run over didn’t hurt but it did leave me flat. Santa thinks that now I’ll be able to fit down some of those skinny chimneys. I’m so excited about my new job.

Here are some alpaca gifts I thought Santa might be able to use this season.

Alpaca Socks- so many colors and styles to choose from

Scarves- handmade from the alpaca fibers on the farm, co-op milled scarves and woven
brushed alpaca from Peru

Lots of stuffed alpaca friends, oh so soft, all sizes to hold and love. I hope Santa puts one of these in my stocking.

Hand knitted alpaca caps and hats

Gloves, alpaca fingerless and mittens

Fiber, Yarn, Roving
- soft and silky in so many colors both natural and dyed