— The Openherd Team

John Chickering 4/13/2018

Alpaca East, LLC, Etna, NH

BTW, I REALLY like Openherd -- the best

Pam Groff 10/27/2016

Wide Sky Ranch: A Santa Fe Alpaca Farm, Santa Fe, NM

All the help you have given me on my website has REALLY helped. Now people are finding me on the internet. In addition I got [Wide Sky Ranch] listed on Trip Advisor. Now out of state people are calling me to arrange for ranch tours, leading to an increase in studio purchases. Our future is promising.

Mary Jo Monteith 1/13/2016

Spring Canyon Alpacas, Grand Coulee, WA

I wanted to thank you for all your help this last year with my own account and PNAA's. I really appriciate you guys at Openherd. Jan you always respond to my needs no matter what the question.

Openherd gives the best client support, it is cost effective and provides any size farm a wonderful marketing tool. What you have offered me has made my farm look professional and offers me marketing that would be very costly in another setting. Thank you!

Theresa Kaiser 12/18/2015

Nueva Dia Alpacas Midwest, Belleville, IL

I ...have had success w/ the online auctions this year. I also like the format for editing information and appreciate that I can put the data in one place and have it show up in both my personalized farm page as well as linked to Facebook and to [my association's] members area.

Derek Moore 10/10/2015

Hensting Alpacas, Hampsire, UK

...may I say what a fantastic website! and number one on google fantastic well done! And a PR of 4.

Outstanding Dreams Farm 8/2/2014

Outstanding Dreams Alpaca Farm, Preston, MD

After several months of struggling with a new website designed for us by another marketing firm & experiencing nothing but frustration, I contacted your support person, Jan. Jan was extremely helpful & has accomplished in a week what others were unable or unwilling to do after months. We are ecstatic with our new website & our rankings have already started to climb. We look forward to continuing to work with your company & Jan in particular with tweaking our website & other marketing strategies. I commend her & your team on their work & am referring my clients to Openherd for web hosting & design.

Barb Patterson 6/10/2014

Golden Pine Alpacas, Goldendale, WA

I am very happy I made this change. Openherd allows me to do so much! Just printed off alpaca sales pages for a prospective customer.

Sherry Perry 6/5/2014

Phoenix Farms Alpacas, LLC, Georgetown, DE

...So far this is a piece of cake compared to other website designs that seem to get your money and leave you on your own like you've grown up in Silicon Valley the child of HTML code writers!

Terrie & Greg Reynolds 9/3/2013

Bear Garden Farms, Capon Bridge, WV

I am very happy I made this change. Openherd allows me to do so much! Just printed off alpaca sales pages for a prospective customer.

Donna Anderson 7/15/2013

Double D Alpaca , Touchet, WA

I want to thank you for the "print" option and the ability to print a nice sales sheet.

Mountain Jewel Farm 6/4/2013 on Openherd Breeder Forum

Sallie's Fen Alpacas and Sallie's Fen Fibers, LLC, Barrington, NH

I think Open Herd is an extremely valuable, easily navigated, progressive site, not to mention how wonderful the super star support is! ...KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK OPEN HERD!

Jeff Williamson 3/15/2013

Liberty Alpacas, Battle Ground, WA

We love our website and the new mobile site! The convenience of updating our openherd site and having it feed our website, mobile site, and our association site is fantastic!

We've received a ton of positive feedback from folks, and the mobile site is great for helping visitors get to the farm.

Laurie Findlay 9/5/2012

Alpacas of El Dorado, Somerset, CA

I just wanted to tell you how pleased Scott and I are with the Openherd Auction. We only just upgraded our plan... to a Professional ...allowing us to put animals into the Featured Auction [email blast]. We tried it out for the very 1st time this week and guess what? We sold our alpaca! The buyer contacted us directly after seeing her in the auction. Did not want to wait until the end and made us an offer we could not refuse. That sale paid alot more than our yearly Openherd fee.

Told all my fellow alpaca breeders!!!! Can't wait to put in the next one.

Norm Johnson 10/16/2011 on Openherd's Facebook page

Chimera Ranch, Bennett, CO

What an impressive upgrade [new home page]. Just wonderful. I am proud to be a part of such a professional environment to promote my business. Thank you for all of the personal support to these new innovative ways of helping all of your customers. Outstanding.

John Fifield 10/15/2011 on Openherd's Facebook page

High Country Alpaca Ranch, Fence Lake, NM

Awesome job guys. I knew I was in the right place the very first time I talked to you guys. The new home page is outstanding.

Sharon Miller 7/13/2011

Redwood Ranch Alpacas, Bethel, OH

Participating in Openherd and the auction feature has brought a lot of prospective buyers to our farm page. This in turn has resulted in the sale of quite a few alpacas and breedings. We are very pleased with Openherd.

Dee Stielow 6/10/2011

Salt Creek Alpacas, Inc., Farmer City, IL

Wow! You have done a fabulous job! I am extremely happy and impressed with our new [web]site. What a wonderful experience this was. I really appreciate how you gathered our ideas and made them reality!

Leslie McHugh 5/17/2011

Heidelberr Farms, Martinton, IL

I must commend you all. Though only a member for a few days, I am VERY impressed not only with the fabulous product but with your customer service and support as well. You enabled me to resolve my issue immediately and easily... Thank you all for a job well done. I am indeed looking forward to a long relationship wtih Openherd.

Elaine Viscido 3/1/2011

Green Mountain Alpaca Farm, Vergennes, VT

I wish I hadn't listened to that little voice in my head ...telling me that I couldn't do this—use Openherd as a marketing vehicle. I'm not computer savvy and I was sure I lacked the skills needed to get our farm out there on the web. I was so wrong! The process was easy, straight-forward, even fun. Thank you Openherd.

Diane Beauchner 8/27/2010

Shepherd Hills Alpacas, Wescosville, PA

Hi, Beauchners Nala was just sold this afternoon. The family that bought her found her through openherd.com so your site works!!

Debra Rau 7/19/2010

CD Alpacas, Ferryville, WI

You are so prompt with your responses, and I really appreciate that about your website. I have never been frustrated with working with your company, and you are very patient and helpful to people like me who aren't too bright when it comes to computer technology.

Donna Hokanson Killion 7/13/2010

Sunnyside Farm, N. Mankato, MN

I am just entering the marketing phase and Openherd has been so easy to use and it is free!!!

Debra Rau 7/8/2010

CD Alpacas, Ferryville, WI

I just wanted to let you know that I like the show results feature on the site. It's a convenient tool when doing quick research on an alpaca.

Mary Goodman 6/18/2010

Mary's Alpaca, The Plains, VA

I have never had more "hits" on my website in one week ever. Even though my male did not sell in the allotted time, I was able to follow up with the interested bidders. Four wonderful farms have scheduled a visit to see not only this male but other males that I have available.

Your OpenHerd website is super easy to use, very professional and a tremendous value. Thank you.

Margaret Hamilton 6/17/2010

Endless Farms Alpacas, Elberon, VA

When I signed up for the Openherd Auctions, I was planning to use it as much as a marketing tool to drive visitors to my herd as anything else. I have been a member for less than 30 days, and I have seen tremendous results! I have set up auctions with all sorts of range of price and tag lines. I have put up alpacas for sale, herdsire breedings, and packages. Views of my alpacas have increased from less than 200 total for 7 months to more than 1500 in just 30 days as a result of using the auction listings. Exposure to my herd has increased drastically and I have had several "message" inquiries about my listings - these are serious leads! I could not be happier! If these results continue as I expect they will, I will be renewing my package for years to come!

Rita McGlone 6/16/2010

R'AlpacaLand, Marysville, OH

I have been a member of Open Herd for less than 5 months. Even though business is slow in this depressed economy, I am pleased with the number of sales and inquiries I have experienced since joining Open Herd and I can attribute at least 2 of my recent sales to this site. One of the things I like about this site is the ability to search for Full Accoyo and get only Full Accoyo alpacas. On other sites you get everything that has a percentage of Accoyo in it even though that is not what you asked for. I find it easy to upload pictures on this site and the customer support is wonderful. Thank You Open Herd for giving us an excellent venue for marketing our alpacas and it's FREE!

Kristina Flegel 6/15/2010

Dos Doñas Alpaca Farm, St. Louis, MO

I'm approaching the end of my first auction and, although people hold back on bidding until the end, the increase in hits on those lots is significant. Regardless of how the auction turns out, the exposure is proving to be worth it.

Jay Ward 6/15/2010

AuSable Valley Alpacas, Jay, NY

My first Open Herd auctions resulted in lots of click traffic and the sale of a breeding! Thx Open Herd!

John Petersam 6/15/2010

Criative Acres, Jarrettsville, MD

We've been extremely pleased with the results OpenHerd's auction product. The number of hits and enquiries we are receiving on our alpacas has risen dramatically since we signed up. Of all the advertising we've done, OpenHerd has clearly provided the best value. Thanks for providing a great product.

Andrea and John Niehaus 6/15/2010

A & J Suri Alpacas, Louisville, OH

We were pleasantly surprised with a winning bid on Openherd auctions which we just signed up for following AOBA Nationals. It wasn't a huge sale but it was a sale. We have seen much more traffic on our pages and will continue to show animals on the auctions. We are very pleased to be using the auction site so thank you for making this service available and for rotating animals on the auction site for viewing. Your site is very user friendly.

MarNell Schmiesing 5/18/2010

You have good customer service. I like that! I am excited to be a part of Openherd!

Suzanne Thomas 2/8/2010

Snow Mountain Alpacas, Port Orchard, WA

I am LOVING Openherd (and talked a few more people into checking it out, while I was at [my affiliate] meeting this weekend). Great job on a great site!

Rita McGlone 2/7/2010

R'AlpacaLand, Marysville, OH

Hi, I sold an alpaca this weekend, thanks to Open Herd! I have only been a member of Open Herd for less than two weeks. That was fast!

Jenny Kardoes 1/26/2010 on Openherd's Facebook page

Maple Tree Farm, Kanawha, IA

This site is a blessing to so meny [sic]. Thank you and Bless you for having it.

Nancy Schell 11/16/2009

Walnut Hill Farm, Metamora, MI

I just wanted to drop a line and say "Thank You"!!! I have just sold my first alpaca! And I owe it to your new site! So, again, thanks for all of your hard work in getting this site up and running! I will be recommending your site to everyone...

Jean Ewings 11/12/2009 on Openherd's Facebook page

Lakeview Farm Alpacas, Olean, NY

Really enjoy being a new member on Openherd it is so easy to access!

Jacki Robert 11/5/2009 on Openherd's Facebook page

Alpaca Creek Farm, Hendersonville, TN

Fellow paca peeps - if you haven't you should check this site out. I really like the show results look-up function.

Tracey Koehler 11/3/2009 on Openherd's Facebook page

Koehler's 4 Star Alpacas, Bay City, MI

I want to thank you very much for helping me with my computer problem. It was not the site. I made a change to my browser and it was not working properly. Thank you for calling me and talking with me. Very happy with the service of Openherd... Again I will recommend you to every one that I know..

Lynn McClurg 10/30/2009

Morning SKY Farm, Clarks Mills, PA

Thanks for the site creation and free membership; it's neat and clean looking and easy to use!

Carol Karsten 10/28/2009

Hidden Hill Farm, Antrim, NH

My best referrals for both alpaca sales and stud service have originated with AlpacaElite/Openherd inquiries.

Fred Boyd 10/23/2009 on Openherd Forum

WestWind Alpacas & Fiber Mill, Saint Louis, MO

I just finished uploading all my information from Openherd to my website [using ListMirrorTM], it was so easy and looks great!!! I can't tell you how much I like what you have done.

Jeromy Birket 10/5/2009

Moonshine Stables, Camden, SC

I am very pleased with everything that you are offering. We do not have a large alpaca community in our area, but almost all the farms have signed up.

Alan Clark 10/5/2009

Finca Alta Vista, LLC, Pleasant Mount, PA

I appreciate your innovation and trying to make a "better mouse trap." ...I really like the show results section. That makes light work of our research. ...If the alpaca industry is going to survive and thrive, it is innovation like this that will be the driving force.

Beth Osborne 10/2/2009

The Alpaca Hacienda, Temecula, CA

Thanks for such a great marketing site - it's really put together nicely. The sales pages are so easy to create and turn out very professional looking. Everything is done for you - just put in your text, upload your photos, and you're done! No resizing of pictures, or worrying about text sizes, fonts or colors.

I look forward to the increased exposure that Openherd will generate for my farm, along with more ranch visits and resulting sales. Thanks again, Openherd!

Mark Niemeyer 9/27/2009

Gem State Alpacas, Caldwell, ID

I just wanted to say Thank-You for creating such a useful and informative site. What an improvement over "other" marketing sites! The fact that potential buyers can look up show records, lineage, etc. is such a great tool especially for small farms like ours. Keep up the good work!

Robin Watson 9/22/2009

Pacabella Farm Alpacas & Boutique, Wirtz, VA

Hi, Just wanted to thank whoever put this website together - it is awesome! Very easy to use and navigate. Just wanted to say "thanks!"

Jim Hobart 9/20/2009

Rising Star Alpacas, Brentwood, CA

Great job with this site. It's highly usable and I'm sure it will do well.

Sandra Wallace 9/19/2009 on Alapcasite@yahoogroups.com

--Alpacas at Crossroads Ranch, Paso Robles, CA

My take on Openherd.

Free for now. Easily accessible and easy to join. Good solid web site features that work. Few download glitches, compared to most sites, for fee or not. Really "open" and straight forward with excellent timely tech service when needed. Opportunity for anyone selling alpacas or end product for both free marketing or more visible paid advertising at reasonable pricing.

A real honest to goodness godsend to my ranch's immediate benefit. Go see what's been posted within a short amount of time...expecially my own page! 8:)

No investment in the company, just a satisfied new partipant.

Eric Folkman 9/17/2009

Blue Ribbon Farms, Chardon, OH

I "live" on the internet and have no patience for slow or goofy sites. This is a very well thought out site that flows very intuitively. You put a lot of time into this, and it shows.

Jim Humphreys 9/17/2009 on AlapcaMarket@yahoogroups.com

Silvercloud Farm, Silver Penn Sales, Gibsonia, PA

If you haven't already "herd", OPENHERD.COM is a great new site to market your alpacas. The site launched just this week you really should check it out! I do alot of marketing work for alpacas, with Silver Penn Sales, my own farm and for many other alpaca farms and I strongly suggest you check out OPENHERD.COM!

In today's economy, we all must work extra hard and find new venues to market our alpacas for sale and this one is not only new and different, but it's "state-of-the -art" and easy-to-use.

Laurye Feller 9/17/2009

Sunset Hills Farm Alpacas, LLC, Butler, PA

I just visited the Openherd website for the first time and I am so-o impressed.

You have done a fabulous job. The colors, the content and the ease of use are just some of the outstanding features to this site. I can't wait to have more time to peruse each and every area you offer. It's just fabulous!

Thanks for the opportunity. Now all I need to do is get some of your affordable advertising!

Cindy Harris 9/16/2009

Alpacas at Windy Hill, Somis, CA

I just signed up. What I most appreciate about your site is how clean and simple it is. Most of the other sites are so busy I can't see anything on them. Congratulations on your concept and design.

Linda Kondris 9/13/2009


I took a look at Openherd and all I can say is WOW!! You fellows have really introduced a new age for alpaca marketing with video and such an overall comprehensive site. I will definitely sign up for the year long advertising program and love the clarity of pictures and the ability to sync to my home site. What a home run hit!

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