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Svenska Chica Alpacas

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Britta Anderson
6181 480th StreetRush City, MN 55069

Svenska Chica Alpacas began in late December of 2006.

I had long desired to live a more rural lifestyle, but city girls don't usually make for good farmers. My answer came at a visit to the Minnesota State Fair in 2006. Just outside the Warner Coliseum was a booth with some odd looking animals. I spoke with the people at the booth, and learned that these were alpacas. My interest was peaked, and upon returning home, I researched "alpaca" on the Internet for hours. The seed had been planted.

Just four months later, I bought my first animal, and Svenska Chica Alpacas was born.

Since then, I have fallen in love with alpaca fiber and have learned to prepare fleece, spin yarn, and weave. Alpacas provide us with a truly remarkable material.

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