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Heaven on earth still exists.

Phil & Debra Schneider
25610 Salem Rd.Arcadia, IN 46030
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LH Aramis

Crinkled Pepper (Princess's baby)
Angora Rabbits we raise


We have a long story about how we ended up raising these wonderful animals. I will attempt to write it in here as best as I can. This farm was given to me by my Parents ( William K. & Alice M. Riley). They wanted to see us raise our two children (Felicia & Kris) in the country around the Animals that we loved. At that time we had the idea that we would begin showing Horses and try raising some different animals on the farm. We did the horse shows & then added Rabbit shows.
Then life decided to add some obstacles in the mix. We found out our son had ADHD. And our Daughter at 12 yrs. old had been in a car accident, followed by the horse bucking her off and hit her head both times. Because of the trauma, she came down with Conic Fybromyalgia. Which took us 4 years of Dr's. and specialist to figure out. During this time we sold the horses that we had because she was unable to ride. During a conversation with a friend, I was told about the gentle nature of Alpacas. So we decided to check them out. After seeing how gentle they are and finding out how easy they are to care for. We decided that they were perfect for us to raise and the kids could handle them without getting hurt. This was important at the time because my daughter was in and out of a wheelchair.
She has since recovered and the animals have been the best thing that we could have done. They have a very unusual power of calming anyone that is around them. Our dream is that one day we will be able to share these wonderful animals with lots and lots of other children and ex specially those with Special Needs.

Farm Terms & Financing

We can set up a payment plan that will work for you.

Great deals on alpacas, herd reduction

We are needing to reduce our herd due to my Parents moving in with health problems. Must sell several before Winter. So we are making some great deals. These are healthy, show quality animals with good fleece. So don't let the low prices fool you.