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Randy and Cindy Hall
56 Round Hill RdCoventry, CT 06238

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Round Hill Alpacas is located in Coventry, CT. We love learning about these wonderful animals and find that they bring great joy and curiosity to many people. Randy and Cindy are often asked "why are you raising alpacas?" This question gives us an opportunity to talk about a cause near and dear to our heart!

In a few short years, Creative Living Community of CT www.creativelivingcommunityofct.org will be hosting some of these beautiful animals as part of the farmstead. CLCC's mission is create a shared, inclusive living experience for individuals with and without developmental disabilities in a farmstead village in eastern Connecticut. CLCC believes that a new model is needed, where locally rooted communities are interdependent and all members are valued for their unique contributions. The care of alpacas will be a great asset to the program. The animals will provide many recreational as well as vocational opportunities. Alpaca products made on the farm are sure to be desired items!

Come See Some Alpacas!!!

January 2019

Happy New Year !!!!!!!!

There has been a lot of humming going on in the pens. Why? The girls want to take vacation back in Peru again this year. The boys want to go to Chile.The five new alpacas want to go to Bolivia. I let them know i would buy the plane tickets to only one destination!!!! Cant wait to see where they decide to go for Feburary vacation.......(Just Kidding)
Mark Your Calendar
Jan 20 Sunday Paca Pals 4H Meeting here at Round Hill Alpacas 2 PM - 4 PM

Paca Pals 4H Club
President Riley Judson
Vice President Paige Syphers