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Bob & Mary Ann Thompson
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Livonia, NY 14487
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Alpacas were domesticated some 6,000 years ago by the native people of the Andean Altiplano and cherished for their luxurious fiber. Today alpacas now live throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand as well as in their native lands and the fiber is often compared to cashmere.

With a gentle dispositions and high levels of intelligence, alpacas are truly a joy to keep. These "easy keepers" consume very little feed and have a minimal impact on the land itself. Compared to cattle or horses that routinely consume 50+ pounds of feed per day, the alpaca's daily consumption of just @ 4 pounds of hay seems a pittance. The actual costs of per year of care / feed is only about $500/year per animal once you have established your farm.

You can work at raising alpacas on any scale, it can be a farm business or a hobby, full-time or part-time and work from home. While in North America there are some very large breeding and fiber farms the great thing about owning alpacas is that it is possible to have just as rewarding an experience with just two! . Alpacas are really in a class by themselves.

Hemlock Hills Alpaca Farm is a member of The Empire Association and the national Alpaca Owners Association (AOA) as well.

Farm Terms & Financing

All alpacas are registered with the Alpaca Registry, Inc.
Standard AOBA contracts are used.
Breeding quality alpacas come with reproductive and live birth guarantees.
Maiden females come with a free breeding to one of our herdsires.
Financing is available with only 25% down, interest free for the first year.
90 days free boarding included in any purchase.
Multiple animal discounts available.
Price and availability subject to change without notice.

High Quality Alpacas at affordable prices

Hemlock Hills Alpaca Farm started operations in 2000. Come escape the daily bustle of life and enjoy the wonderful vistas on our a 75-acre farm overlooking the peaceful Hemlock Valley of NY. We are a full service farm featuring:
...Tours... product sales, including yarn...fiber in various stages...as well as garden nutrients.
...Animal sales, herdsire breeding's and new farm support...We are committed to top notch customer service .