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SOPRIS Alpaca Farm

Where Heaven and Nature Hummm

Kim & Cory Wesson
35795 Hwy 6New Castle , CO 81647
(970) 618-6435
(970) 274-0853
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Running Late's Shasta, ARI 32689105

Alpaca Owner's Guide 2016 Cover
Sopris Moon Kissed, ARI 35061045
Crescent Moon's Zamir, ARI 32670875

Sopris Alpaca Farm is owned by Cory and Kim Wesson, located along the I-70 corridor, 2 miles east of Silt, in beautiful western Colorado. We have been in the alpaca business for 5 years, actively breeding the for the past 3. Having purchased "The 53" in late July 2017, we now have the ranch to do what we wish to do within the alpaca community.

Although we're introducing more color into our breeding program, our breeding objectives remain unchanged as we strive for:
•Sustained Fineness, with uniformity of micron
•Density, relative to that fineness.
•Highly desireable phenotype, with ideal conformation.

We live by our slogan "Go BIG, or Go Home. We are a small farm, with big genetics and we are committed to continue to build our gene pool with the most desirable genetics available.

It takes time to build a top notch breeding and sales program, but we're in this for the long haul.

Let's collaborate on some alpacas!

Farm Terms & Financing

We are willing to discuss and personalize to meet your needs.

The Ultimate Goal...

At Sopris Alpaca Farm, we are striving to create the perfect alpaca.

Alpaca breeders generally agree that there are no perfect alpacas, but nonetheless, we are striving for this as we meticulously consider each and every pairing. Every aspect of the future progeny is carefully considered. Then the waiting and anticipation begins...