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Mule Train Alpaca Ranch

Angi and Udo Lyngby-Cox
12780 Mule Train LaneMolt, MT 59057

I grew up on an acreage in South Dakota. My husband, Udo, helped tend his family’s farm in Brekerfeld, Germany. After meeting in Germany, we married and moved to Montana. Together, with our two daughters we discovered alpacas and decided to return to the lifestyle we love…country living.

Interested in fiber arts, I bought a spinning wheel and joined a spinning guild. During one of the first meetings I attended, someone asked if anyone was interested in purchasing a small herd of alpacas and one guard llama. I didn’t hesitate, and our alpaca adventures began…

Mule Train Alpaca Ranch offers services, including alpaca sales, sponsorships, breeding, agisting, fundraising, open ranch days and an annual Fiber Arts Fusion event.

We take pride in our herd of alpacas in a variety of colors, as well as our line of full accoyos. We also shepherd a small flock of merino and debouillet sheep.

Through careful breeding decisions and the addition of excellent bloodlines, we strive to continuously improve upon the conformation and fiber characteristics of our alpacas.

Welcome to our farm!