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My Herd Health

Easy, powerful, portable health record keeping

Print professional health record reports

Easy, Powerful, Portable

With all of your animal information already in My Herd in your Openherd account, you're ready to start adding health records from any internet-connected device!

Pre-loaded, editable drug lists, animal groups, and procedures, make your process efficient and customized and records are encrypted and stored on a secure, top-tier server cloud.

Now you have the ease and freedom to enter and retrieve health information from anywhere. No more downloads, backups, or crashes. And because the software is web-based, you're always running the most current version!


My Herd Health is easy to use and access, making health record management a snap from any location on any device. And with it's web-based software and secure cloud storage, you'll never have to sync data, upgrade software, or worry about a crash.


Save time by applying a single health record entry to an entire group of animals at once! Create and customize your own groups from your My Herd list and then run health record reports on your groups or export their data for further analysis.


My Herd Health comes with an extensive, pre-built list of common procedures and sub-procedures to get you going right away. Easily make edits to this list for efficient use and tailored to your farm's specific health regimens and needs.


With your animal information already in My Herd, a pre-built list of procedures, and a pre-loaded list of the most commonly used drugs, you're ready to add health records immediately. You can also customize your drug list to your specific needs.


Need to look up an animal's health history or which animals you've performed a specific procedure on recently? My Herd Health's built-in reporting generates reports by animal, group, or procedure by pre-defined or custom date ranges.


When it comes to providing clients with health records for their animal purchases, just pull up the animal's record, click "Print," and hand them a professional, neatly formatted document, complete with the animal's vital information and photo!


Easily export any animal or group's health report to Excel to analyze data in more detail or to transfer data to another system. Select the animal, group, or your entire herd, click "Export," and an Excel spreadsheet will be generated for you.


No more software upgrades, data loss from crashes, syncing data after a trip, or entering data from paper records. With our secure, cloud-based software, your health records will always be accessible from anywhere on any internet-connected device.


Our secure, cloud-based storage and data encryption give you peace of mind that your health records won't be lost in a computer crash, are always available, and never published or accessible, except to those with authorized access to your account.




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