— The Openherd Team


To the Web Site of Windrush Alpacas!


We are glad to have you visit our site.  For some of you this will be the beginning of your journey into the world of alpacas, for others who have already ventured into the world of alpacas we hope this site will prove beneficial and educational. 

We first became aware of alpacas in 1997.  Having read an article in a farm journal we were intrigued and wanted to learn more about these animals who were so beautiful, hardy, intelligent, easy to manage and also able to provide us with a business to enjoy and prove profitable.  From our first encounter with alpacas to our current alpaca business we have never looked back and have no regrets whatsoever about our choice to invest in alpacas.

Our aim at Windrush Alpacas is to educate people about the benefits of owning alpacas, share our experiences and mentor alpaca owners as their business grows and prospers.

If you want to call or email us with questions about alpacas we hope that you will do so.  Alpacas are our life and we would love to visit with you about them.

Enjoy the web site and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Rosemary and Ric Metcalf
Windrush Alpacas
Clovis, New Mexico

Tel:   (575) 683-5177
Fax:  (575) 683 0100
Email:  windrush@plateautel.net