— The Openherd Team

Broken Arrow Ventures


Rick and Christa Trude
96 Rumble LaneMill Hall, PA 17751

Secret Weapon at Broken Arrow Ventures

And Then There's Jimmy!!!

I am sure you are wandering what our Secret Weapon is. It is a not a what, it is a who…..Jimmy to be exact!

Jimmy became part of our farm when we purchased our original herd. He was a freebie that came along with the girls. Yep, that’s right FREE! Let me tell you all about Jimmy. He was born with very week, crooked legs and was pretty small in stature. He was what some may have thought was not worth the extra effort that he would need. Luckily his family knew that he WAS worth the extra effort. They spent many extra hours with him. Jimmy was allowed to be outside the fencing to follow along with his human family and their dogs. He was loved on every chance they got. Jimmy always got the extra attention when visitors came to their farm.

What a coddled male…..well he must be one of those berserk wild males that everyone warns you about! Nope….far from it! Jimmy does not know that he is a male. His testicles never ascended and he shows absolutely no male traits. He has to be the very best PR alpaca there is. Jimmy will allow you to do just about anything to him. He is the gentlest laid back alpaca I have ever been around. He loves attention, almost to a fault some days. If you don’t pay attention to him and he wants your attention he will lightly nibble on your clothing, never biting.

He makes the perfect big brother when weaning male cria. Jimmy also has taken on the role of guarding our macho herd sire when he was introduced into the male pastures. Now you have to realize that this little Jimmy at the age of three and a half ways a whopping 97 pounds!  No matter to him he proudly takes on the role!

Did I mention that Jimmy is the also the dirtiest alpaca ever! When you rake or sweep up he is right there to roll in the pile. He is constantly finding the “best” place to roll around! After his first shearing here on the farm I just wanted to toss the entire blanket after spending hours cleaning out the vegetation. When I took it to the mill I told them to put it into roving that I could then use for felting because I was sure that would be all that could be done with it. Thankfully the mill owner used his judgment and made yarn. He made me reach into a bag without looking and try to guess who the yarn was from. I guessed one of the cria. Jimmy had by far the brightest, silkiest yarn…..I just couldn't’t believe it. You know HIS yarn was the first I sold out of!

At any given time you can find Jimmy out in the pasture twirling something in his  mouth, if he is not eating. We just love Jimmy and so does everyone that meets him. Most want to take him home, but Jimmy will NEVER leave our farm! We just love him crooked legs and all and wouldn't’t sell him for a million bucks!

Now you know all about the Secret Weapon at Broken Arrow Ventures….Jimmy!!!