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Golden Pine Alpacas

Breeding the Finest

Pat and Barb Patterson
163 Golden PineGoldendale, WA 98620

Basic Alpaca Barn

Our First Alpaca Barn -Basic Design

Alpaca Barn - Basic Design

Shelter for alpacas can be a simple three-sided structure which shields the animals from the elements, giving them protection from strong winds, heavy rains, snowstorms, and excessively hot weather. If predators such as coyotes, bobcats or cougars are prevalent, alpacas should be housed in an enclosed structure.

At Golden Pine Alpacas, Pat built a 12 by 32-foot shed barn with four bays – one bay used for hay storage. This size barn will hold up to 12 alpacas. The screened 3-ft. by 6-ft. window openings have hinged wooden flaps on the outside of the barn which can easily be closed in event of storms, cold temperatures, or high winds. The bays are separated by movable fencing, which adds versatility to the barn. One bay is used as a catch pen for trimming toenails, giving shots, and other procedures.

Total cost (2007) of the barn materials was $3600, including the metal roof, electrical and flooring materials.

The following year, Pat added a 12-ft. by 24-ft. barn addition to the front with a metal roof. The new addition was enclosed with fencing to the roof line. Cost was $1700 and included bringing water lines to the barn. (We got really tired of hauling water buckets to the barn!)