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Sue and Paul Mager
69 Mountain View DriveLittle Valley, NY 14755
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About Us

About Mager Mountain Alpacas

Nestled on a hillside in the Enchanted countryside of Western New York, you will find Mager Mountain Alpacas owned by Paul & Suzanne Mager. Their farm is conveniently located only 60 miles south of Buffalo and situated in the heart of ski country (where warm, lightweight, incredibly soft Alpaca clothing is appreciated). Paul and Suzanne Mager have three children and six grandchildren (so far). They started Mager Mountain Alpacas in May 2002. Suzanne is a retired Accounting Manager for a law firm, her 20+ years of financial experience makes her uniquely qualified to manage the bookkeeping aspects of the farm.

Paul is a retired Audio Visual Technician, working 30+ years in the public schools. An entrepreneur spirit and a love of the great outdoors were strong factors in choosing the Alpaca Lifestyle.

After Sue lost over half of her 401k in the stock and with Paul longing for an early retirement, they began to seriously research ways to utilize their 65 acres and take advantage of the substantial tax advantages available on their agribuisness.

One day while on the AOBA website, Paul e-mailed Sue a picture of a cria with a heart shaped nose. Her reply was...buy it... A month later, a barn was built, pasture was cleaned and fenced, and four Alpacas could be seen grazing from their living room window. 

In July of 2004 when Paul suffered a heart attack, Sue found great solace and comfort from caring for the animals. Doing the daily chores gave her a much needed escape from the pressure and anxieties of dealing with the situation. Paul claims the peacefulness of the farm greatly helped him during his recovery. All is well now with Paul and the farm is growing as planned. They look forward to building a herd of high quality Alpacas and sharing the experience with their children and grandchildren.

We are both now retired and able to enjoy the fruits of our labor on a daily basis. Alpaca farming is a perfect retirement business. 

There have been many changes in the alpaca business during the past 15 years, most notably the drastic reduction in prices. We think the lower prices make the alpacas much more affordable and easier to get started with. We specialize in helping people get started, from selecting animals, to barn and pasture layouts, to marketing and setting up their business plan.

Our commitment to honest, straightforward full disclosure information has worked best for us. An Alpaca with good conformation and nice fleece is a very marketable animal regardless of the country or origin or its pedigree. We believe full disclosure about an animal should include more than how many ribbons it's grandsire won. We want people who are just getting started to feel comfortable and confident that they can start an alpaca business. 

And More!

Our philosophy is different from most in the industry. We believe people just starting out should not burden themselves with trying to compete with large established farms that rely on show records to market their animals. Our success has come from helping beginners develop their farms with a sound business approach. Learn how to raise healthy happy alpacas and how to market them and their fleece products first. The ribbons will come later.