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Size: 2.8
Color: White

17 Micron

Kai Sang and Amerikan Eagle (C)

Sold By Chiu's Alpaca llc   |  Email Us
Price: $32.00

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Product Specs

  • 100% alpaca
  • * 2-ply
  • * 140 yds.
  • * 2.8 oz. skein
  • * Sport/Worsted weight

Product Description

Alpaca fiber is hypo-allergenic. That means that people with wool sensitivities can wear it. Alpaca is a hollow core fiber so it keeps you warmer than wool when you need to be warm, but breathes when you need to be cool. Alpaca fiber can be as fine as cashmere.

This white yarn is from our very own Kai Sang and Amerikan Eagle both alpacas have a 17 micron. This yarn is Baby Royal fiber making it incredibly soft and free from any chemicals or dyes.

white -1

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