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Alpaca Poo Soil Enhancer

Ahhhhh Poo



Order & Payment

Order by Phone: 864 680-9845

Shipping & Handling


Product Specs

  • Alpaca "Tea " Bags (NOT for Human Consumption) $5.00
  • Alpaca Poo $5.00/ feed sack size bag
  • Alpaca Poo $25 per tractor scoop
  • Alpaca Poo - you scoop $1.00/ bag

Product Description

Fresh beans direct from the alpaca. Great soil enhancer. Will not burn plants. Slow release of nutrients as beans naturally break down.
Brew your own "tea" for liquid food your indoor or outdoor plants. NOT For Human Consumption. Each tea bag can be used 3 times.
Never ending supply - no need to worry about item being "out of stock"!