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Alexander Farm, Fibers, and MORE!

Only the finest...NATURALLY!

Leann & Don Alexander
64639 US 31Lakeville, IN 46536
574-903-6831 (Text/Call)
574-903-6831 (Text/Call)

Alexander Farm, Fibers and MORE!

Our Farm Shoppe is currently open by appointment. I am at home working on fibery good things most every day/night so I am available most all of the time! You can take a chance and stop by but I recommend calling or texting to give me a heads up and I can watch for you!
Appointments can be made by calling or texting me at 574-903-6831
I look forward to seeing you!

About Our Store

Our Shoppe offers only the finest fibers...NATURALLY!
We feel alpaca is the comfort fiber of the natural fiber industry. The most obvious proof is in the feel of it gently hugging you. It is smooth, warm, and soft like a cloud. As you are wearing alpaca, or as an artist working with alpaca, you feel calm and relaxed as if the gentle nature of the alpaca transcends through their fiber and touches your soul. Yes, we are passionate about our fiber, stop by and see why!
Our farm has expanded and we also have longwool sheep like Bluefaced Leicester (BFL), Teeswater, Wensleydale, and crosses! Their lovely, curly locks are so much fun to dye and spin! We also have various breeds of chickens which means colorful feathers too!

We hope you find many pleasures in our various items as we are determined to offer you only the finest!

-Leann, Don, Jessica, and Braden Alexander!

If you are on Facebook be sure to visit Jessica's fibery page Fuzzin Stuff at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fuzzin-Stuff

Our farm page Alexander Farm, Fibers & MORE at https://www.facebook.com/AlexanderFarmFiber

We accept cash, Paypal, Square and Visa/MasterCard/Discover!! Lay away plans are available for spinning wheels and carders!! We next to never have returns but in the event one is needed, a store credit will be issued.

USA HomeSpun FUN!!!

Dye Day!
Beautiful locks courtesy of Deeks!
NEW! Now your Louet dealer too!!!!