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Lona Nelsen Frank
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The Frank Foutain

About Our Store

Both Fountains have the same outstanding features with the TC80-600 designed for use between stalls or pastures.
• Constructed of heavy duty molded polyethylene plastic, stainless steel and aluminum for a rust free and long life.
• Pilot lights indicate Power on and Heat on.
• Easy to clean stainless steel bowls with an isolated anti-siphon water level valve and automatic pre-set water level.
• Thermostat control – Heater element is circular and located close to the bowl making this design the most efficient and safe unit on the market.
• Heat Selector switch for 150WATT or 300WATT
• No assembly or adjustments are required

TC80-300: $373.00 TC80-600: $506.00
Factory Direct - F.O.B. Beaverton, Oregon

Please contact John for more information at:
Frank Industries, LLC 503-649-3616 or 503-649-2128
Email: FrankInd@Frontier.com

ORDER HERE: http://www.alpacatv.com/products/the-frank-fountain.html

Orders will be shipped via FedEx after receipt of payment by business or personal check which will offer a discount. Once we receive your order, we will send an invoice for the fountains plus shipping.


TC80-300 & 600