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Providence Meadow Farm

Alpacas, Bees & Chickens

Rick and Danise Palo
Foggy Meadow LaneSmithfield, PA 15478

Providence Meadow’s Surprise Snow Day Visit

Last year was full of changes, for all of us on the planet! Here at Providence Meadow we have not been able to see our families as much as we would like. We make the most of the visits when they happen. So in late December, although most of my family was in South Carolina (including my Sister), the stars aligned to have all 5 of her kids come visit us and the alpacas, thanks to her husband! Enjoy the pictures of these sweet young people who are growing up so fast in these ever changing times. We have 12 amazing Nieces and Nephews and the alpacas love when they visit!

Here at the Farm, snow arrived for Christmas, gorgeously white and heavy. Anyone from SW Pennsylvania remembers this type of holiday season from when they were young...at least Mother Nature gave us a sweet gift in 2020.

Our 2020 cria are doing great. Their personalities are becoming more apparent and they’re a funny little group. Their fleece is showing up and like the 2019 cria, the fleece and color is still developing. We continue changes with nutrition and hope it pays off by Spring show season (well, I guess we first hope that there is a Spring show season). We continue to research these interesting animals and talk with other alpaca owners so we can do the best we can!

As members of the Alpaca Owners Association, Inc. (AOA), we receive the Alpacas Magazine. The most recent Winter edition includes a response to the PETA claim about alpaca wool abuse. Although we can’t prevent all abuses, the article really provides an educated perspective. It also confirms the life or death importance of annual shearing. The people we have met in the alpaca industry are sincerely interested in the animal, and anyone who is around alpacas understand that their basic nature is kind and docile. Although their conformation appears regal, alpacas are not offensive in any way. They are intelligent with unique personalities, often a good sense of humor too. And they get along with other animals, young people and old people, shouldn’t we all learn from that...respect and kindness.

We are proud to be part of this Alpaca world and plan to contribute what we can to it’s continued growth.

We continue to be so thankful for this farm.



 Most Images by Woodside Photography,

Smithfield, Pennsylvania

Welcome 2021!

This is the time of year to think about changes and plans and blessings, we are excited!

We used some of our holiday vacation in the barn, really connecting with each alpaca in the herd. Especially the cria, the yearlings and the ones who carry the 2021 gift of a healthy cria. It’s so amazing that I’ve been able to participate in all 7 of the births since we started back in March of 2018. I always made a call to ask questions (thank you Alma) and we’ve been blessed with sweet and healthy babies.

Rick and I really enjoy the personalities of Santana, Super Girl and PopStar. Santana and PopStar hang out together often and they are the most friendly. Mary and Sunshine are still very affectionate and Poppie is coming back around. We have put off weaning (all of the moms are healthy) until sometime this month.

So now we wait, we get our books in order & make updates to the Business Plan. We plan Spring Farm changes and Gardens. Most of all we continue to pray and have hope for everyone and every farm in 2021, God Bless.