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Heartfelt LLC

Check out our felted insoles for sale in your own farm store!

Heartfelt LLC began making alpaca felt insoles in January 2013, and we have already secured a provisional patent on them. If you are looking for a great product for your retail sales this fall, this is it. We have already found them to be a popular product in our own farmers’ market sales

You may have seen other alpaca insoles around, but Heartfelt’s are different. Our insoles have three layers of alpaca batting sandwiching a layer of burlap. They are made larger than typical insoles so that they fill wider shoes such as Crocs and can cup the foot in boots such as waders. It is amazing how much additional warmth is gained by just a minimal amount of extra insole along the heel and sides of the foot. The burlap layer stabilizes the insole so that it doesn’t bunch up. We felt these insoles tighter than typical felt insoles so that they continue to cushion the foot even after weeks of wear. Check out our video 

You can purchase insoles made from our fiber, or we can prepare custom batches of insoles under your own label from your alpaca fiber. The minimum order for a custom batch is 25 pounds of fiber, which translates to roughly 200 pairs of insoles. We have done the math, and you can net at least $30 per pound by sending us your fiber as batting and then selling the insoles we make from it. Pretty good use for coarser blanket fiber—contact us if you’d like to know more about how we calculated this.

Contact us at info@heartfeltalpaca.com or by phone at 573-445-4233 to place your wholesale order. We can accept checks, Paypal, or credit cards. Sizes include Small (women’s shoe sizes 5-7), Medium (women’s shoe sizes 8-10 ), Large (men’s shoe sizes 8-10), and Extra Large (men’s shoe sizes 11-13).

We would love to work with you to warm hearts and “soles” across the country!

Heartfelt LLC is a creative partnership that designs and makes felted alpaca products featuring rugs and decorative wall art.  The seed of the Heartfelt idea was sown several years ago when a handful of mid-Missouri alpaca breeders formed a cooperative outlet for their alpaca products.  That early effort matured when the four Heartfelt partners acquired a FeltLoom™ in 2010.

Heartfelt is truly an American business.  The FeltLoom™ was invented and is manufactured by an alpaca breeder from Kentucky.  The fiber used in Heartfelt products is produced in mid-Missouri.  The mill that processes the fiber into batting is in Michigan.  And the final products are produced by the Heartfelt partners themselves in Columbia, Missouri.