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The Golden Yak

The rarest of all from this exotic breed

As you research and discover all the benefits of owning these rare and unusual creatures, you cannot help but be amazed at their appearance, their gentleness, their confidence, and their intelligence. The uniqueness of their characteristics make them very appealing to the eye as well as to the soul.

Now, with the extreme rarity of a very pleasing GOLDEN coloration, which comes from a rare recessive gene, we can see and appreciate a truly unique animal in all of it's GOLDEN glory. When the fading rays of sun at dusk bounce off the coat of one of these magnificent and rare GOLDEN animals, it is truly a wondrous sight to behold. And the warmth of color of the naturally GOLDEN hued wool brings richness and variety to the ultra soft hand-made sweaters and wraps. The wool is truly superior in quality and appearance as compared to the normally grey yak wool. And our GOLDEN yaks are much better wool producers than most Black yaks.

Why so rare? The GOLDEN color comes from a recessive gene that is found in very few of these animals. This is what makes them so valuable and special. There are known to exist less than 50 adult GOLDEN yaks in all of North America. We at DELYAKS are the foundation GOLDEN yak herd with the most diverse breeding stock in North America. If you wish to learn more about these magnificent and gorgeous animals, as well as how this recessive gene works, please Email Us or call Bob or Amber at DELYAKS, (970) 249-1734.

The GOLDEN yaks tend to make outstanding pet and wool quality yaks. Our Golden Royals tend to be a bit smaller in statue than normal Black yaks and tend to be more docile by nature. If you would like to own these gorgeous animals, we have GOLDEN yak babies and adults available today in solids, trims, royals, and Blacks and Black Royals with the GOLDEN recessive gene known to exist in their bloodlines. We also raise quality seedstock yaks in Blacks, Imperials, and Black Royals.