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The Best Plant Fertilizer in the World

Mary Forte
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The Best Plant Fertilizer in the World...Patent

The easiest way to water and feed your plants. No mess, no smell, no hassle! NEW PACKAGING. Now in biodegradable pods for convenience. Pre-orders now being accepted.

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Hundreds of Gardenia Blooms
Test Results using Poop+

Orchids love Poop+

Packaged into small 'Paks"

Look for this updated Absolutely Amazing product. Patent-Pending. Imagine a pod (we call it Poop Pak) that you simply pick up, add water, stir and pour on your plants once a week.

The results are simply AMAZING. Organic and NOW formulated with Yucca and Mycorrhizal Fungi for root development.

Call with questions. For all potted plants...Everything, Really Everything. Greener, lusher, consistent flowering, huge root structure for uptake of nutrients provided.

You'll be astounded at the immediate results. Your customers (and their green friends) will love you for it!

Wholesale pricing available for your store. Print Marketing will be available: brochures on how to use our product, postcards with discounts for customers, and business cards to bring to events and fairs. We will also have banners and signage with our logo and graphics for vending.