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AROSA...working hard so YOU don't have too!

Don & Carolyn Marquette
2251 Sesame stMogadore, OH 44260

Fleece-O-Matic -- Tooth a Matic --- PacaTrapper

"OMG, I JUST LOVE IT! " ....A PacaTrapper customer

"The Fleece-O-Matic exceeded all expectations".... fiber mill owner

" We LOVE our Tooth a Matic!" ...... words from hundreds of Tooth a Matic customers

"OH MY GOSH!!! This thing is fantastic. It is incredible how easy and quick it works!!...........Fight O matic customer

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About Our Store

....testimonials and videos can be seen here:

Buy these tools @ http://thealpacarosa.com/farmstore.html

Fleece-O-Matic $1,575.00

PacaTrapper $595.00

Fight O Matic Kit $250.00

Tooth a Matic Kit $325.00

Tooth a Matic tool $220.00

Bungee Bite Bloc set $30.00

Smooth O Matic KIT $125.00

Smooth O Matic Magnifico Protecto Guard only $48.00

The PacaTrapper EMPOWERS 1-Person Barn Staffs

Fight O Matic cuts fighting teeth in 1-4 seconds!
No Bending over!
The Original ..sold over 1,800 units worldwide. Cuts 6 teeth in 4 seconds!!!!