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Kellogg's Alpacas!

Handmade and Local Made! Shop Local...

Phil & Robin Kellogg
3071 Pixley Hill RdScio, NY 14880

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About Our Store

We offer a wide variety of alpaca products. Most are handmade from the fiber of our very own animals. We take pride in knowing that we utilize the fantastic fiber that our animals produce for us . Alpaca is super soft, light weight and very warm. It is a luxury product at affordable prices. We do coop some of our products. We send fiber to coops and they make products that we can buy back, and on occasion we buy some imported products from Peru. We know you will love alpaca once you try it. Email us, call us or order on line! You will never be sorry with an alpaca purchase.!

kelloggsalpacas@gmail.com, rkellogg54@hotmail.com or 585.593.4982 Call or text !!