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How To Pick A New Shearer

The time to start the process of selecting a shearer for your alpacas is not two weeks before you want them shorn. In fact, most probably any shearers still available at that short notice are not the ones that would be your first choice. The time to start the process is January 1st. Do not procrastinate, for capable shearers book quickly and early.

If you are a new alpaca owner the place to start is to talk with other alpaca owners in your area. They will have a good idea who is working in yo... Full article >



This is an aid to you, the alpaca owner, on what to expect and have on hand when I come shear your animals. Shearing day is THE big day of the year for alpaca people, for it is the day you harvest what your alpacas have given to you. With some preparation it will go smoothly and efficiently; and not be too stressful for the alpacas (or the people).

1) Shearing Area- We will need a dry, semi-flat, shaded area of at least 12 feet square. That being said, I have sh... Full article >