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Wings and A Prayer Alpacas

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Randy & Barbara Coleman
18100 S Hwy 99WAmity, OR 97101

Alpaca Trek

Walk your own alpaca......

"Walk my own alpaca, really?!?!?" Yes you can! Our AlpacaTrek experience allows you to not only learn about alpacas but you can walk your own alpaca up through the woods, around the pasture and experience a slower pace of life!

Most of our alpacas are halter-friendly and enjoy taking walks through the woods. In this hurry up world we are living in, isn't it time to slow down a bit and enjoy all that life has to offer? Our farm is a great place to enjoy slowing down, social distancing, and enjoying our magical animals.

Contact us today to schedule your best alpaca experience by reserving your time for an Alpaca Trek. Treks include introduction to alpacas in the barn where you'll have a chance to learn a little bit about these wonderful animals, hand feed some of our herd, and let them mingle with you in the barn. Then, we'll halter up an alpaca for you and hand you the lead. Off to the woods we go for a leisurely walk (15-30 minutes). We can tailor our walk to a slower pace or a longer walk. If walking uphill isn't something you're up to, we can accommodate that, also. 

Cost for our trek is $25/each for one or two people. $20/each for three or more. Contact us today to schedule your alpaca experience. 503/363-6944 or email wapalpacas@frontier.com. 

If you’d just like to experience Alpacas and learn a bit about them (without a walk in our wooded paradise) we also offer Alpacas 101. All the Q & A you want with Alpacas, hands on our youngsters and moms and hand feeding in the barn. Inclimate weather?? No problem... we’re hanging out in the barn! Cost for Alpacas 101 is just $15/person. Please contact us to reserve your time. 503/263-6944 or email wapalpacas@frontier.com.