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3rd generation improvement dam.

Bogart's Keep the FaithBred

Huacaya, Female, Unproven | White

AOA# 35186168   D.O.B. 10/24/2016 (3 yrs) (Due Date: 2/15/2021), 3/4 Peruvian

MSA Hemingway's Bogart 

1/2 Accoyo, RETIRED AS OF 2020

MSA Hemingway's Bogart

Huacaya, Male, Proven, White, Full Peruvian
ARI# 828970 | DOB: 6/19/2001
What can you say about Hemingway's Bogart other than he is renowned, WAS a one of a kind potent herdsire. Bogie's EPDs rival the best in the world. Bogart could challenge any young stud head to head for histogram results. After 18 years, his longevity is exemplary with his 2019 histogram at 22 AFD and an SD of 4.0 and CV of 17. Bogart is the direct descendant and on of Sire MSA Hemingway G171.

We are very proud to have added this Hemingway son, to our small but genetically mighty white ...
| AOA# 828970  | White 

Aztec Catarina 

Priced to sell!

Aztec Catarina

Huacaya, Female, Proven, White, Full Peruvian
ARI# 30023017 | DOB: 7/10/2006
We are very pleased to get this girls EPDs. All EPDs will compliment our breeding program. We bought Catarina to integrate increased density into our herd. Steady progress is occurring here at Colusa Riverside in the goal to produce the industry finest dense fibered alpacas. We strive to promote every animal's potential & stud pairing to pass on improved fiber traits to each and every offspring. Visit us virtually or in person to buy, learn or see our alpacas and their EPDS. Catarina has gi...
| AOA# 30023017  | White 
Service Sire:
Snow Diamond Chateau-Cerise 

1x Champ, Matrix, Quechua & Occoyo Elite bloodline

Snow Diamond Chateau-Cerise

Huacaya, Herdsire (Male), Unproven, White
ARI# 32731651 | DOB: 6/12/2013
We are so pleased to announce the newest addition to our list of herd sires, Snow Diamond Chateau Cerise. This boy will give more diversity to our already diverse genetics here at Colusa Riverside. Chateau is a package of genetics that include Matrix, Cuechua, Accoyo Elite, and Legacy with a beginning lineage touch of Hemingway.

Chateau is as dense as they can come. He is fine and uniform in his fineness. His EPDs, across all fiber traits, are very desirable in a breeding male which in...
| AOA# 32731651  | White 

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This female brings together Mom's lineage of Caliente and Dad's Lineage of Hemingway. She will prove to be a promising foundation dam for us or for a lucky buyer. Faith's dam Catarina has density and fineness and so does her sire. Mom Catarina, has one of the most well rounded genetic pictures for trait improvement in our herd and also when much better than the national herd. Faith has this same well rounded histogram and EPD trait portrait. Her EPD for staple length is a rank of 20%. So, in combination with her fineness values in the 5% to 15% ranges this makes an ideal fiber character trait she will pass on to her offspring. Hemingway's Bogart stamps all of his offspring with longevity of fineness. Dam Caterina at age 13 is 23 microns for AFD. Bogart's AFD at age 19 is 22, SD of 4 and the same CV. This is longevity Faith has no doubt inherited.

Faiths fiber is extremely fine, she has excellent staple length, her luster and handle are also nice. She is quite dense with few guard hairs. You can see from her fleece pictures on this page she has luster, broad crimp, staple bundles, and good density. Faith is the whole package from both actual fiber trait quality and the genetic predictability to pass those favorable traits to her offspring.

Faith is presently bred to our new Stud Snow Diamond Chateau Cerise. Chateau's will improve their offspring even more. Faith is an easy breeder at age 3 years. Faith is 3rd generation in our breeding program of white alpacas. Her EPD picture is very desirable for a seed stock dam. I am especially pleased with the fineness traits with no loss of staple length. It is very difficult to get grade 1 fineness and excellent staple length together, we have been breeding for that combination over the past 5 years. This combination is now present in our new stud Chateau Cerise and in most of our farms offspring. We have essentially bred out ultrafine fiber and short staple combinations in nearly all of our females.

Take a look at her EPDs under the strand of DNA link on this page.


AOA Prediction E.P.D. model given FAITH'S Sire & Dam
Trait Sire Dam Progeny Estimate
Average Fiber Diameter -2.063 -1.279 -1.671
Standard Deviation (AFD) -0.528 -0.439 -0.484
Spin Fineness -2.191 -1.439 -1.815
Percent of Fibers Larger Than 30 Microns -10.014 -5.944 -7.979
Mean Curvature 5.739 4.063 4.901
Standard Deviation of Curvature 2.142 1.708 1.925
Percent Medullation -3.503 -3.522 -3.513
Mean Staple Length -1.019 -1.4 -1.209
Fleece Weight 0.517 -0.343 0.087
Birth Weight -0.484 -0.191 -0.338

Financing Terms

We offer 6 to 12 month payment plans for breeding fees. With sufficient credit rating we offer one to three year term contracts with a 20% down payment in some sales agreements. We offer zero percent interest and equal monthly payments for some sales agreements.

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